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Scaloni Fiber Carbon Headjoints for Flute

If you are looking for a silver or gold headjoints for your flute I suggest to try to play my handmade Carbon headjoints for flute.

Fiber Carbon is a new and technologic material that make a big sound, rich in harmonics and very easy to play specially in the high note. I make this headjoints for flute handmade in my Laboratory with different mesure conical or conical-parabolic and you can chose:

  • silver plated lip ( economic one but really incredible with yamaha student model flute)
  • Solid silver lip for professional flute
  • Gold Laminated lip for professional flute.

If you prefer to play with your lip you can buy only head tube.

Special import price for international shops and sellers.

If you whant to know some informations about my headjoints or their price, fell free to contact me here down for a quick answer:

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